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Welcome to Our Method

Pilates Methodology is a full-service, Classical Pilates studio located in heart of Uptown Dallas. We provide an elite classical Pilates experience designed for all fitness levels, ages, and bodies. 


The Pilates method focuses on strengthening the core, improving flexibility, and enhancing body awareness through controlled and precise exercises. By integrating breath, alignment, and concentration, Pilates aims to create a balanced body, improved posture, and a sense of overall well-being.



Private lessons offer a one-on-one experience to focus on specific goals.  Each session is unique and designed to progress through the repertoire while respecting physical limits or injuries. 

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Fascial Stretch therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a cutting-edge technique that focuses on elongating and releasing the connective tissue in the body, improving flexibility, mobility, and reducing pain. By targeting the fascia, FST promotes better movement, enhanced athletic performance, and overall physical well-being.



Semi-privates are the perfect way to enjoy the whole Pilates system while splitting the fees with your best friend or partner! Develop your Pilates skills while spending quality time with someone that you love!

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Corporate/special event

Experience a  Pilates corporate/ special event session in our beautiful Pilates space, designed to promote wellness and strengthen team bonds. Our expert instructors will guide your team through a series of Pilates exercises, fostering mind-body connection and leaving participants feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on new challenges.

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Group classes are small and intimate. Classes are taught on authentic Pilates apparatuses. Each class session is crafted to suit your mood and experience level. Find the perfect class for you!


RedLight Therapy

The Recovery Room Dallas is the ultimate therapeutic recovery your body needs! Using TheraLight's 360 RedLight Therapy Bed, clients can experience full body restoration on a cellular level. Whether you are looking to improve your appearance, reduce inflammation or pain, have a good night's rest or build your immunity, the RedLight Therapy Bed allows you to customize your wellness experience to suit your needs!


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Mon - Thurs • 8 AM - 7 PM

Fri • 8 AM - 3 PM

Sat • 8 AM - 2 PM

Sun • 8 AM - 3 PM

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