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Embark on an extraordinary journey toward becoming a Pilates instructor.

Pilates Methodology is a proud host studio for the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program

Why Real Pilates?

The Real Pilates Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive 30 week program designed to provide a rigorous 600 hour curriculum that cover unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of the classical Pilates method as Joseph Pilates taught. This approach equips graduates with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to excel as Pilates teachers. By choosing this program, individuals can embark on a rewarding career in Pilates while benefiting from the wisdom and expertise of Alycea Ungaro and her esteemed team of instructors and studios.


Our Programs

Whether you are here to learn the Classical Pilates System for the first time, or seek to deepen your studies by bridging from another program, you will follow a 30-week Pilates teacher training program, attend all four seminar weekends and complete both practical and academic requirements. In addition, all RPTT trainees will complete their Apprenticeship, Mentorship and Training requirements at Pilates Methodology.

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Traditional Comprensive

Over four seminars weekends, and 600 hours of practical and academic study you'll become a bona fide expert in the classical system that was Joseph Pilates' life's work.

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Bridge Comprehensive

You’ve already completed full comprehensive training with another reputable Pilates program. Now, you want to gain certification in the classical method. Get there with us. Our Bridge Program covers the full repertoire of classical mat and apparatus exercises in a supportive, fun and enriching teaching environment.

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Mat Certification

Mat System Training is the ideal first step for many to build a new skill or expand an existing one. Five levels of Mat exercises over 100 hours will prepare you to sit for the national certification exam should you elect to do so.

Why Choose Real

4 Seminars

600 Comprensive Hours for Primary Pilates Certification

450+ hours for Bridge Pilates Training

Live in person and Online Coursework

Observation and Mentorship hours with qualified RPTT teachers

Manuals and Materials

Access to all the Classical exercises and apparatus

“In 10 weeks you’ll feel like a teacher, in 20 weeks you’ll “see” like a teacher – in 30 weeks you’ll have a brand new career.” 

Alycea Ungaro


Information Interview

Informational interview with studio owner, 

Anoma at Methodology


Inteview & Assessment

Interview and Assessment with our Real Pilates Team

Pre-requisite work

Demonstrate completion of the prerequisite coursework or entry-level proficiency before the start date

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MARCH 22- 24, 2024


MAY 3-5, 2024


JUNE 14- 16, 2024


JULY 19-21, 2024

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