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Pilates Methodology is a proud host studio for the elite teacher training program Real Pilates based out of New York City. It is our mission to continue the growth of Real Pilates and foster the education of new teachers. We take pride in providing exceptional opportunities for educational advancement in DFW and the rest of the region

The first step in getting started is to apply using this link:

The  second step is coming to the studio so we can meet you and scheduling a private session with one of our RPTT trainers, Morgan or Jensen, so they can evaluate you and tell you more about the program and the studio.

Current Cycle: 

August 12-14, September 23-25, November 11-13, and December 16-18.

Upcoming Cycle: 

Scheduled for Spring 2023.

Dates have not been set but if you are interested in the spring cycle please feel free to apply online and book your assessment. You are also more than welcome to come and audit a portion of the current cycle and get a look behind the scenes. 

Please contact us to schedule an interview or if you have any additional questions: 

Program Overview

The Real Pilates Classical Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive 30-week program. Presented over 600 hours total, this one-of-a-kind program is designed to develop your ability to be a teacher, coach and guide for Pilates students. Our approach will set you up for success with a career as a professional instructor. The program consists of 4 weekend seminars and a progressive monthly schedule that includes:

  • Seminars

  • Weekly homework & discussions in an online platform

  • Access to Studio for Practice Teaching

  • Observation Opportunities

  • Unlimited Group Classes

  • Private Sessions

  • Duet Sessions

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Assessments

  • Assistant Teaching

  • Paid Teaching Opportunities

Comprehensive Teacher Training Payment Breakdown:

Assessment Fee $50


Payment Plan Option – Autopay

  • 1st Payment: $500 (Due upon acceptance with contract)

  • 2nd Payment: $1,312.50 (Autopay 2 weeks before First Weekend Seminar)

  • 3rd Payment: $1,312.50 (Autopay 2 weeks before Second Weekend Seminar)

  • 4th Payment: $1,312.50 (Autopay 2 weeks before Third Weekend Seminar)

RP Tuition: $5,750


Mandatory Training Fees:

Weekly Training Package for the duration of the 30 weeks (includes 20 Private Sessions & 40 Duet Sessions) – $4,320

Payment Plan Option-Autopay 

  • 1st Payment: $1,080 (Autopay at beginning of First Weekend Seminar)

  • 2nd Payment: $1,080 (One month after original payment)

  • 3rd Payment: $1,080 (One month after second payment)

  • 4th Payment:$1,080 (One month after third payment)

*We are flexible and can accommodate a payment plan that suits you.

* 30-Day Cancellation Policy Applies

* Scholarships are available upon request. Please contact Real Pilates directly for more information. 

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