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Instructor Q+A with Alison Casper!

Meet Pilates Methodology instructor and Real Pilates graduate Alison Casper! She holds an associate degree in Dance and is excited to work with you!

Why Pilates Methodology?

In my opinion, it is the only studio in Dallas that honors the method and is very pristine and professional.

What do you do outside of Pilates?

I like to read classic books and if I have the time I enjoy baking!

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Too many to choose from but I love swan. It always makes me feel the burn everywhere!

What can we expect from you during a workout?

You can expect a challenging workout from me as well as a fun and positive learning experience. My goal is for my students to leave feeling accomplished and successful.

Want to work with Alison? Book a private or take a class with her!

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